The Power of One Team: Highlighting Core‑Mark’s Female Leaders

Female Leader Suzanne McDonald Whether you’re a new employee or a company veteran, at Core‑Mark, you’ll feel like part of a family and be given the opportunity to rise through the ranks. In our series, The Power of One Team: Highlighting Core‑Mark’s Female Leaders, we will be showcasing women who have made their mark at Core‑Mark by inspiring and empowering colleagues.

Meet Suzanne McDonald, the division president in Denver. Suzanne is relatively new to the Core‑Mark family but, with 30 years of diverse experiences under her belt, she confidently leads her team.

What or who inspired you to pursue the career path you’re currently on?

Chris Hobson (Senior Vice President) and Sandra D’Asaro (Vice President of Analytics and Technology). Both believed in my abilities to assume the role of Division President and that gave me the confidence I needed to say, “yes!”

What’s the best career advice you ever received?

“Don’t be afraid to hire your next boss” from Paula Lyons, District Manager, L Brands.

How does Core‑Mark advocate for the women it employs? How does it create an inclusive environment for everyone?

I joined the Core‑Mark family in January of 2016. I have always believed that my contributions would be recognized and appreciated. I am energized by the opportunities that have been presented to me and others who did not necessarily “grow-up” at Core‑Mark, or even in this industry. I believe that when new ideas and storied practices merge, we will create a dynamic and successful company. This success will continue to make Core‑Mark the employer of choice in our industry and will allow us to attract and retain best in class talent across the organization.

It’s said that successful people never stop learning. What have you learned that’s made you more successful at Core‑Mark?

“I seek to understand so that I can assist in problem-solving and ongoing process improvement.”

I believe that you have to be open to learning something new every day. Since joining the Denver Division team, I have learned something new every day! Whether it is because I was exposed to something that I had never faced before or by simply asking questions of the team, I seek to understand so that I can assist in problem-solving and on ongoing process improvement.

What challenges have you faced (in your career or otherwise), and how have you overcome them?

I have had the opportunity to work for companies that were leaders in their industry: L Brands, 7-Eleven, Dollar General. As one employee among many, I have been challenged to stand out from the masses. It isn’t enough to simply achieve the business objectives that you are responsible for, but you must also network with peers, senior leaders, cross-functional team members and eventually the executive leadership of your organization. Don’t shy away from sharing your success when given the opportunity. It took me a long time to realize that, because I wasn’t taking advantage of face-time with senior leadership, they thought that I wasn’t eager or ready to move to the next level. Find ways to get in front of these individuals and have an exciting story to share that emphasizes how you or your team are helping to move the business forward. Seek additional opportunities to work with others to highlight your capabilities and your ability to work as part of the larger group.

What has been your proudest moment at Core‑Mark?

Being offered the Division President role!

What does the “Power of One, Strengthened by All” mean to you?

What this means to me is that while we can all be powerful on our own, when we join forces, we can achieve even more!

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