Meet Shiann, a Core‑Mark Driver Powered by Family

As a distribution industry leader, Core‑Mark is committed to delivering excellence and creating a sense of family among our employees. For Shiann, a driver based out of our Salt Lake City division, that strong family environment has been especially meaningful.

Less than 10 percent of truck drivers in the industry are women, but Core‑Mark is committed to welcoming more to our fleet. Shiann is one of our drivers who is paving the way. She works confidently and closely with Core‑Mark colleagues, many of whom she calls her “big brothers.” “The camaraderie that we have – I love that,” she said. “They always help make sure I’m prepared.”

Driver Shiann

Shiann started at Core‑Mark a few years ago as a driver helper. Her team encouraged her to pursue her CDL permit and she soon became a full-time driver. To get Shiann started, Core‑Mark paired her up with driver trainers to give her hands-on training and time behind the wheel. “The driver trainers were really great. It’s a different experience once you’re the one behind the wheel, and they had no problem letting me take my time to do things properly,” Shiann explained. “Core‑Mark also gave me a truck to take my CDL test and had a trainer on-site watching and encouraging me.”

When she passed, Core‑Mark reimbursed her for the cost of the permit and offered her the full-time driver role. In just a short time, she became one of the best drivers in her division. She’s earned second and, more recently, first place at her division’s Truck Rodeo, which came with a trophy and cash prize!

Since joining our fleet, Shiann has also built meaningful, lasting relationships with her customers. “They’re the best part of my job,” she said. “Some get super excited when I come in, they’ll be waving from the windows. They appreciate what I do and they’re just great people.”

Before working at Core‑Mark, Shiann had to work triple shifts to support her family. Now, with great benefits and a steady job, she knows she can take care of her daughters, which has been her greatest achievement. One day, while on a route, her girls showed up at one of her stores to watch their mom in action and tell her just how proud they were. “Hearing them say ‘We’re proud of you. We love you and know you work hard – That was a defining moment for me.”

“This is our time to be empowered. Here you’ll be seen as an equal, as a driver who’s there to do her job.”

For women looking to enter the field, Shiann’s advice is simple: Don’t be intimidated. “It doesn’t matter what size you are or how much muscle you have. If you can push yourself and have a don’t-give-up-attitude, anyone can do it,” she explained. “Don’t give up on yourself. One day, you can look back and say, ‘I did that.’”

As a member of our family, we’ll support you in your work. You’ll be challenged and trusted to take on new adventures that contribute to the continued success of our historic company and our customers. Discover new opportunities to join our team of drivers here.

Discover new opportunities to join our team of drivers here.


Salt Lake City division driver Shiann S. completed Core‑Mark’s paid CDL training program.



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