Core-Mark’s Dedication to Family

At Core-Mark, our commitment to education and development goes beyond our employees; it reaches their families too. Since the Core-Mark Families Foundation (CMFF) started in 2016, it has awarded more than $400,000 in scholarships and helped 29 students in the U.S. and Canada. Students that need assistance with tuition, books, and room and board can apply if they have parents working in non-managerial roles at Core-Mark.

One Family Investing In The Future

Core-Mark Families Foundation funds these scholarships with the help of our employees who choose to contribute a portion of their paychecks to the program. With their contributions, we’re able to keep the Families Foundation going every year, giving students the ability to continue their education. Whether it’s for our communities or our own team, Core-Mark delivers on our commitment to doing the right thing for our customers and employees.

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