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AAE-Shift Warehouse Supervisor

Forrest City, AR Job Reference ID: AAESH02650
Company Description:

Mainstream Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Hire and oversee training of direct reports
  • Organize, direct and coach direct reports in fulfilling their plans
  • Conduct performance reviews when required
  • Serve discipline when required
  • Process terminations when determined/necessary
  • Payroll review/input (includes payroll, per diems, employee expenses)
  • Respond to direct reports urgent matters, in person, by phone or by email same day or better and all other matters within 24 hours
  • Establish work priorities, delegate work to direct supports, and ensure deadlines are met and procedures are followed
  • Solve or schedule one on ones and/or meetings to deal with issues immediately (live), on first request, or if necessary later that day by phone, voicemail or e-mail
  • Communicate upfront with direct reports when unable to meet completion dates on items/issues. Reschedule the completion of these items/issues. Items then to be reviewed at the re-scheduled meeting
  • Follow up on all issues/matters to confirm that all parties are satisfied and no further attention is needed. Follow up time frame to be determined by the parties involved2)

Ongoing Responsibilities:

  • Oversee efficient operations of warehouse and transportation experience
  • With the Director – Warehouse Operations and Director – Transportation, develops, implements and monitors standard operation procedure for warehousing and transportation
  • Monitors warehouse and transportation employee productivity/quality in accordance with the standards developed by the operations group. Develops and implements action plans (e.g. facility/equipment improvements) designed to improve warehouse and transportation employee productivity/quality
  • Determines warehousing and transportation personnel and equipment requirements by evaluating warehouse activities, projected volumes, customer base, and product mixes, in accordance with productivity standards
  • Ensures that Core-Mark, Occupational Health and Safety, AIB and MOT standards for warehousing, distribution and employee safety are met
  • Implements corporate policies and procedures for warehouse and transportation security.
  • Ensures effective marshalling and integrity of DC inventory. Implements corporate procedures for handling customer returns, vendor returns, and obsolete inventory. Performs periodic physical inventory counts. Performs cycle counts and investigates “red-lines” and out of stocks to keep perpetual inventory system accurate
  • With the operations group, identifies requirements implements training programs for the DC warehouse and transportation employees3)
  • Prepares and submits such periodic reports (verbal and written) as determined by the reporting manager
  • Projects directed by reporting manager and/or management
  • Filing
  • Faxing
  • Performs other duties as required
  • Work within budget requirements and expectations. Work within parameters set

Health & Safety

  • Comply with H&S policies and procedures
  • Report hazards (unsafe conditions/acts) to Manager and/or Human Resources
  • Refer all safety matters to the Supervisor/Manager in a timely manner
  • All employees have a right to participate in H&S matters, this may include assisting in Safety Committee Meetings, Facility Self Inspections, Accident Investigations and Job Safety Analysis





Problem Solving
Operating Systems
Customer Focus



Dedicated:Devoted to a task or purpose with loyalty or integrity

Team Player:Works well as a member of a group

Detail Oriented:Capable of carrying out a given task with all details necessary to get the task done well



Bachelors or better.



BA/BS or equivalent Production shift experience with working knowledge of all warehouse activitiesMinimum of 5 years’ experienceIntermediate PC skills. Word, Excel, Outlook AS400 Experience desirableHigh comfort level in learning internal computer systems