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Transportation Supervisor (AM)

Calgary, Canada; Job Reference ID: TRANS04117
Company Description:


  • Dispatches shuttles on a nightly bases
  • Monitors shuttles from Calgary to Edmonton
  • Dispatches and monitors night routes
  • Monitors Team routes throughout the night
  • Performs driver check-ins as required
  • Data Entry and Tote tracking
  • Payroll
  • Administers truck routing operations: alone or with Fleet Router, schedules drivers, arranges routes, and allocates vehicles for outbound and inbound (backhaul) needs.
  • Monitors, coordinates maintenance, fueling and specialty needs.
  • Schedules vehicle repairs ad maintains requisite D.O.T. reporting.
  • Arranges vehicle fueling in most cost efficient manner.
  • Arranges temporary vehicles as required.
  • Monitors driver’s requisite operating skills.
  • Assist Transportation Mgr. in arranging in drivers training and testing as required.
  • Maintains D.O.T. vehicle condition reporting.
  • Ensures application of safety, accident-prevention standards, methods, and procedures.
  • Communicates with customers in regards to operating schedules and delivery problems
  • Fleet Maintenance – Schedules services, CVIP’s and repairs required.
  • Helps with warehouse production.
  • Takes shuttles to Edmonton if and only when required.


  • Transportation experience
  • High school graduate with two years higher education or equivalent required
  • Class 1 Drivers license is a must