A Core-Mark Driver Story: James

With hard work, perseverance, respect, and a great attitude, you can achieve anything at Core-Mark. Just ask driver James R. who has excelled and grown both professionally and personally during his time here.
Driver James R.

James began his career with Core-Mark in 2013 as a warehouse employee for our Fort Worth Division. From the beginning, James always showed an extreme desire to do and be more. He quickly immersed himself in the Receiving Department and cross-trained in replenishment, stocking, and driver roles.

James honed his communication and team-building skills and learned to maximize his time on assigned tasks while still working safely. Most importantly, he became a leader by remaining positive on the job. When the Fort Worth Division introduced a new driver training program, Operations Training Manager Andre DiMaria knew James was a perfect fit. “I had that one choice: Am I going to be here or move on to bigger things, like where I’m at now as a driver?” James says as he reflects on the major turning point of his career. After successfully finishing the division’s program and acquiring his commercial driver’s license (CDL), James hit the road as a route driver in November 2014.

The West Texas routes are long and demand special attention. They provide a challenge for any driver, but James – full of energy, positivity and confidence – eagerly stepped up to the plate and joined one of the sleeper teams. By 2016, he logged 111,266 miles without any injuries or accidents and has maintained the most efficient offload rates throughout the division. He carefully addresses all customer needs and concerns and has developed rapport, trust and strong relationships with his customers. “Service with a smile,” “he goes above and beyond for us,” and “always professional” are just a few of the things his customers say about him.

“Twenty years from today, James could be in a completely different role in this organization or running a division and that wouldn’t surprise me at all.” – Eastern Region, Sr. Vice President

James embodies Core-Mark’s values in both his professional and personal life. He demonstrates to all his peers that to sustain a high level of performance, you need to stay healthy, safe, and relentlessly pursue self-improvement. Affectionately known as “Big James,” he now embraces a healthy lifestyle and a consistent workout routine. He’s even achieved a total weight loss result of more than 140 pounds over the past four years. And in 2015, he was humbled and proud to become a first-time homebuyer. “Closing out on a house was one of those blessings I never thought I would have … Core-Mark has changed my life.”

James Core-Mark Driver

James’ quest for complete customer satisfaction, his loyalty to the company and his ambitious determination to improve in all facets of life are what Core-Mark is all about. James is a model of Core-Mark’s belief in the power of one. One idea inspires growth. One opportunity can change your path. One individual can transform and inspire a company.“With a little bit of drive and initiative, anyone can be the same success story as James,” says Eastern Region Sr. Director of Corporate Operations Matthew Beard. “There are opportunities everywhere, so who’s next?”

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